Declaration of Accessibility and Usability

AP ' PORTUGAL hereby commits to provide the website Websites for Events by AP ' PORTUGAL in accordance with Decree-Law 83/2018, of 19 October, which implements Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and Council on website and mobile application accessibility.

I. Compliance

The website Websites for Events by AP ' PORTUGAL by AP ' PORTUGAL is in compliance with Decree-Law 83/2018, of 19 October.

II. Preparation of the present Declaration of Accessibility and Usability

This Declaration was updated on 20 January 2021
In compliance with Article 9 of Decree-Law 83/2018, entities should adopt the following monitoring procedures. Procedures A) and B) are mandatory. Procedure C) is recommended.

A. Automatic assessments carried out
  1. (2021-01-20).Report: Access Monitor Report
  • Tool used: Access Monitor
  • Sample: 7 pages.
  • Main results (summary): Average score of 5.76

B. Manual assessments carried out:

  1. (2021-01-20).Report: Content Checklist
  • Sample:7 pages.
  • Main results (heuristics satisfied/total heuristics applied): 13/13

III. Contact and website information requests

To contact AP ' PORTUGAL, send suggestions, lay complaints or request additional information regarding the contents and/or features present on the AP ' PORTUGAL website, please use the following channels:


IV. Discrimination reports

In compliance with Article 13(1) of Decree-Law 83/2018, of 19 October, where a person with a disability is treated less favourably than another person in a comparable situation is, has been or would have been, which constitutes a discriminatory practice against persons with disabilities, provided for and punished under Article 4 of Law 46/2006, of 28 August, said person may lay a complaint, in accordance with the provisions of Decree-Law 34/2007, of 15 February.

The National Rehabilitation Institute (INR, IP) provides a form to report discrimination and forwards these complaints to the relevant authorities. Every year, the INR, IP draws up a report on the implementation of the law prohibiting and punishing discrimination on the grounds of disability and the existence of aggravated health risk (Law 46/2006, of 28 August).

The present Declaration of Accessibility and Usability was created with the help of the WAI-Tools PT Generator v1.5, developed as part of the project WAI-Tools, to which the AMA belongs. The Declaration was created in accordance with Decree-Law 83/2018, of 19 October.

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