Simultaneous translation app for your tablet or smartphone

Download the app and attend the event in your preferred language at your convenience. AP | PORTUGAL is responsible for curation. All conference interpreting is done by qualified professionals. We love technology, but machine translation and AI just aren't particularly useful yet.

App for in-person and hybrid events

Whether you're far away or nearby, in a conference centre room or in your home office, it's still amazingly simple, effective and easy to ensure you don't miss a thing. All it takes to make simultaneous translation a reality is a single tap to download the app on to your smartphone.
Feel included without wasting time and without a learning curve.

Get App on Google Play
Get App on Google Play

Our app offers two simultaneous translation options

1 - Choose the language you want to hear directly on the site, whether you're using a computer or tablet.
2 - If you're in the event room, download the app on to your phone and follow along easily with the simultaneous translation brought to you by AP | PORTUGAL's professional conference interpreters.
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